Yin Yang is a Chinese Tao symbol representing universal harmony and the positive balance that comes from the unity between complimentary forces.

When our lives are in balance between complementary forces like work and family, we are happy, healthy and productive. When our balance is out of whack, we are often miserable, frustrated and unproductive.

The same is true when promoting a brand, product or service. In this case, the Yin Yang or balance comes from the two complimentary forces of “Social Media” and “Traditional Marketing.”

Social media is a powerful, new force that includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, websites, blogs, viral massaging, behavior targeting, rich media and digital ads. When used correctly, these strategies and tactics can get your message out and increase its range exponentially. They can make your brand a national or international phenomenon. And they can provide a potent communication tool to ensure continuous dialogue with your customers, introduce geo-targeted promotions and quickly address customer service issues.

However, a sizable chuck of the population won’t know about your online presence unless they read about it in a print ad or piece of direct mail, hear your message on radio, see it on TV or maybe read an article featuring your product in a favorite magazine. This is where “Traditional Marketing” comes in. It is the “Yang” to your social media “Yin.”

Together, traditional marketing and social media techniques combine to form a perfect balance of marketing methods to make certain your company’s message is heard, accepted and acted upon. And this means more customers and profits for you. So, when creating your marketing plans, be sure to stay in balance.

A few words about the author. . .
Our ÜberBlueBlogger today is Mark Grant. Mark is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at ÜberBlueDM. Mark loves working with companies to help them find the marketing messaging, strategies and tactics they need to successfully sell their products and services. In fact, for over twenty-five years, Mark has worked with organizations in the design and implementation of powerful national, local and multicultural marketing and sales campaigns that have covered all direct marketing techniques. And, along the way, Mark’s promotions have won several awards and often broken sales records for his clients. His background includes working in several industries including Cable/Broadcasting, Financial, Education and Training.

Mark lives with his wife, son, horses and dogs. When not helping companies grow, he is a writer. His latest project is a collection of short stories titled, “Fictional Diversions.”

ÜberBlueDM is looking for individuals, groups, companies that have created or are getting ready to launch new tools for social media. Stuff that we like to call ÜberBlueÜbercool! Have you started a new community, developed a cutting edge app, gadget or new technology? Let us know what you have and we may feature it on our blog, website, fan page, tweet and all the interesting places we can share with others. If it’s NEW (or almost new) we would love to hear from you! Send us a note at info@UberBluedm.com or call us at (847) 498-5494. Please share this. . .Thanks!

  1. Beth Congbalay says:

    Well done Mark!

  2. supplier ban says:

    What a really great blog!

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