1. Mark says:

    Reminds me of an episode of the great classic series, “Prisoner.” The here destroys a computer by asking it to answer the question, WHY? Does anyone remember that?

    • erikhultman says:

      Hey Mark,

      I will have to check that out if I can find it. Sound a lot like a show I watched last summer on NBC called Persons Unknown. Here comes a spoiler alert…the last show was very disappointing. But the concept sounds much like the Prisoner.



  2. Arnold M. Flank says:

    This is the old U/C Philosophy Final Exam question. The No 2 answer is “because” The No ! answer is “Why Not” Or maybe I got them reversed.

    • erikhultman says:

      Hey Arnie,

      I didn’t even take that exam. Great minds! I also like “Because” and “Why Not”. As you see Mark answered “Because”. I will be addressing “Why?” later today. Stay tuned…



  3. […] But why ask “Why?” on the blog? The question was seeking comments from readers without any explanation of the nature of the question. Not to get all Freudian on you and into your psyche because the fact is, I wasn’t sure what kind of responses I would get. Now I haven’t let much time pass and maybe people are still pondering the question. [See comments on previous post] […]

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