Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode about George Costanza’s morbidly obese wallet? Watch this brief clip from the show so you see where I am going with this.

I must admit that I carry a mildly morbidly obese wallet. It is what it is. But I don’t walk around carrying a satchel or a “murse” (man purse) as some men I’ve seen. Although I could definitely use the extra space. Similarly, there are women who bring it all and walk around carrying what I like to call “suitcase purses” more like luggage, less like a purse. But seriously, I ask you all: do we really need all that stuff? George Carlin had a great bit on Stuff. Look it up if you have a few minutes.

So with wallets and stuff in mind what are your thoughts on the introduction of Google Wallet? Google (www.Google.com/wallet) describes their new APP (Android)this way, “Google Wallet has been designed for an open commerce ecosystem. It will eventually hold many if not all of the cards you keep in your leather wallet today. And because Google Wallet is a mobile app, it will be able to do more than a regular wallet ever could, like storing thousands of payment cards and Google Offers but without the bulk. Eventually your loyalty cards, gift cards, receipts, boarding passes, tickets, even your keys will be seamlessly synced to your Google Wallet. And every offer and loyalty point will be redeemed automatically with a single tap via NFC.”

Could this be the death of the “George Costanza’s Morbidly Obese Wallet? What do you think?

Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is the Founder and President of ÜberBlueDM, Inc., specializing in Social Media Solutions and Social Media Staffing Solutions for businesses to build their social media success.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Social Media program or solution it’s time for a change! Give us a call! But don’t just make a change for the sake of change. Understand why it makes sense first. Questions? Send me a note at ehultman@uberbluedm.com or call me at (847) 498-5494. Thank you for referring us to a friend.

  1. Mark Grant says:

    Great comment! Can’t say more – too busy stuffing my exploding wallet.

  2. I love my purse. And my satchel that holds my extra shoes, makeup, emergency kit, gum, mouthwash, etc. And my laptop bag. It all totals about 20 pounds, and my back thanks me for that. I think Google Wallet is a great concept, but it would only save me about 1 oz. of weight and bulk… and I will still feel like George on the streetcorner… ~Jodi

    • erikhultman says:

      Thanks Jodi. If you have a picture of your “satchel” please post it on the ÜberBlue Facebook Fan Page. You are definitely a fantastic person to have around in an emergency. Please let me know if you need a recommendation for a good chiropractor.

  3. Michael rener says:

    Ah but what if you are walking in a store and accidentally bump into something, like a display of very expensive designer fondue spoons you don’t want ad your Google wallet/NFC app buys them for you? Especially if oyu didn’t realize it and go home paying for something, yet not taking them home with you…

    • erikhultman says:

      You bring up an interesting point. Several thoughts come to mind. Accidents do happen. The danger with touch screens is that you will possibly dial, or in this case buy, something you don’t want. A few things would have to happen first before the purchase was made. The other scenario would begs the question, “why didn’t you buy the fondue spoons in the first place?” Fondue is delicious and the spoons could come in handy? I especially like the chocolate fondue.

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