The Lines are blurring on how we communicate. . .Is your business evolving?

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Brand Strategy, Social Media
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The blurring of the lines with regard to communication is happening right in front of our eyes. Do you ever find yourself thinking that you had a verbal conversation with someone on the telephone when in reality you texted or instant messaged that person instead of having an actual verbal conversation? You still remember enough to know the specific details and that it was a meaningful conversation. What seems to be happening often is that all forms of communication are becoming more acceptable. Do you agree?

For example my team and I use a variety of methods to communicate. We may even be next to each other when we communicate via the variety of media we have at our disposal. They have become interchangeable with one another. The important point is that we are communicating effectively. And it works for us.

There is the constant question in social media about having meaningful conversations and interacting with your audience. Embracing all levels of communication also requires you and your business to still be cognizant of what works best for your audience. If calling an upset customer on the telephone is going to provide the best solution, then that’s the best option. If it is clear that the customer is most comfortable communicating on Twitter. . .then tweet. If your audience desires a monthly newsletter, then email it. Note: If they are upset and tweeting about it, do your best to move the conversation offline in a direct message as soon as possible. This applies to all social platforms.

I often hear that there is a generation gap and that certain people aren’t going to text or tweet or interact on Facebook. I disagree. How a person likes to communicate today is a personal choice. I always ask my clients what the best way is to communicate with them. I make note of it in my contact database and then I know which way works best for each client. Remember, never force your clients or customers to do it your way. It’s not about you. It’s about what is best and what works best for each client.

The reality is that you need to be utilizing a mix of all of the communication tools that are available, to reach your audience. I will repeat myself here and stress that if you aren’t a good communicator then find someone who is. Digital media isn’t killing social interaction and community. It is simply evolving and enhancing our methods of communication. History has time and again proven that one’s inability to evolve, to change, can have negative results and a lasting impact. It’s time to evolve.

Here is a Brief History of Communication I found on YouTube. Enjoy!

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Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is the Founder and President of ÜberBlue Digital Media: HELPing to CREATE a BRAND NEW Story for. . .Brands, Businesses and Agencies. He is also founder of the North Shore Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN)  in the Chicago Area. 


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