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Today there is word that a virus is going around in the form of an email to you from LinkedIn. Hopefully you haven’t received such an email. Which reminded me of a recent post I recently contributed to my LinkedIn Group.

Here is what I said. . .

If you haven’t exported your LinkedIn Connections yet you should. What if for some reason all of your connections would suddenly disappear on Linkedin? Would you remember the 100, 200, 500++ connections? Chances are the answer is no. So take a minute to export your contacts.

Here are the very simple steps to export your connections. . .

First Click Contacts: A list of your contacts will populate.

Second: Look down in the lower left hand side of the contacts for “Export Connections” and click on it.

Next: Select how you want to export the file. For example Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail or Mac OS X Address Book. Select one and click export.

Finally: Open the downloaded file and a spreadsheet will appear with your contacts.

There are also directions on how to import the newly exported files on page where you select how to export them.

Please let me know if this was helpful…and please share this with others.

Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is the Founder/Servant Leader of ÜberBlueDM, LLC., specializing in educating, empowering, strategizing, implementing, managing and reporting for businesses to build their social media success.

Almost daily I search groups on LinkedIn. I have also joined many based on how they relate to my business interests and personal interests. I must admit that there are only a few of the many that I pay attention to in any capacity. So why do we all join these groups? Truly what is the point of the group if you aren’t going to contribute to the discussion, participate in events, and actively let others know of the value of the group and so on.  Is this a popularity contest just like how many contacts you can show others in the 500+ category or how many friends you have on Facebook?

I would suggest an alternative to quantity….how about quality? Sure you look good if you have a bunch of groups, contacts and friends…but at the end of the day if you aren’t making a contribution to society (community) what is the point?

I digress, if you have started a group on LinkedIn I’m sure that you would like to have as many real people (I say real people and not those that are simply spamming the group) as possible. It is exciting to see the numbers grow, not to mention the value the group has for members with more contributors.  So join and contribute. Be one of those people that everyone knows is contributing for the benefit others. As I tell the members of the groups I have started (at our monthly events), “if you have joined this group to see what others can do for you I suggest you reverse your thinking”. What can you do for others? Sort of like what that guy John F. Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. Now I am paraphrasing here but what if he had said, “Ask not what your LinkedIn Group can do for you – ask what you can do for your LinkedIn Group”.  Would he still be alive today? I’m not saying it was a conspiracy or anything….hmmm…never mind

What positive outcomes can you share based on your experience as someone who contributes vs. observes?

Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is founder of ÜberBlueDM, LLC., specializing in educating, empowering, strategizing, implementing, managing, reporting and Social Media Staffing and Temps for businesses to build their social media success.