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Periscope UBThe live streaming app Periscope really saved the day when a 23 year old drunk driver decided to stream herself  driving drunk on her way home. Viewers initially thought that Whitney Beall of Lakeland, FL was joking when she started her broadcast on Periscope. Many viewers then realized that is was no joke and contacted the police.

It was reported that the Lakeland Police acted quickly to download the app [Lakeland Police Post on Facebook] While watching the stream the Police were able to determine, via landmarks, were Beall was driving. When they pulled her over she failed the sobriety test and was taken into custody.

[posted by William Bastone via YouTube][Video contains adult language]

Thankfully Beall decided to broadcast herself and was pulled over before she harmed herself or others. More importantly this is good example of socially responsible people that viewed the broadcast and made the decision to report it to police. Lesson: When you see something, say something.

Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is the Founder and President of ÜberBlue Digital Media: A New Awakening for Brands, Businesses, Individuals and Agencies. He is also founder of the North Shore Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN)  in the Chicago Area.

Do you have employees? Do you take an active interest in what they are doing online?  The reason I ask is not for you to see if they are acting in the best interest of your company or if they are leaking proprietary information to your competition. It goes without saying that you should have a social media policy regarding those points.  I am suggesting that you read your employee’s online content so that you may learn something about them.

I am fortunate to work with some very gifted people. I am consistently amazed at my team’s brilliance. Given what ÜberBlue does, everyone on the team has an online presence, each one uniquely different with their own personality and perspective. I enjoy learning from them and finding out what they know and what they are interested in because typically we uncover something that will actually help us out with our day to day activities.

It’s true that not all of your employees will be writing content online or posting interesting things. But if they are, you have a real opportunity to get to know them better.  I know there is the potential for some content to be less than desirable. For our purposes here I choose to look for the good in all people and posts.  The content I’m talking about is information you may find in their blog, LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos and many other places.

If you take an active interest in your employees they may take more of an interest in you and your company.  Why not make it easy for them to show you what they can do.  Why not ask them if they have a blog, how you can find them on Pinterest or if their band has videos you could see on YouTube? And in turn share your online presence with them. The possibilities are endless.

What interesting things are your employees doing online? Share a link here or on our Facebook Page. We love to learn new things.

Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is the Founder and President of ÜberBlueDM, Inc., specializing in Social Media Solutions for Brands, Businesses and Celebrities to build their social media success. He is also founder of the North Shore Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN)  in the Chicago Area.