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If your parents were like mine I learned many of my manners from them. We were taught to say “Thank You”. There are a variety of situations where this phrase applies. Often these days, it’s something that many people overlook in business.

Our lesson for today is something to carry with you into the future. Say “Thank You” as often as possible.

In many situations saying the words “thank you” are certainly enough. The words themselves carry a lot of weight when you say them with sincerity. I’ve listed a few examples below and suggestions you can use both personally and in your business to “go that extra mile” when saying thank you.

• When someone mentions you through their use of social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) thank them in a response publicly.
• When someone sends you a great connection make sure you use your social media platforms to show your gratitude.

How about sending someone a nice memento or gift? It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it’s a small gift or nice gesture. A Starbucks gift card, iTunes gift card or something else they can enjoy. I’m truly surprised when this happens to me. As a recent example of this I mention my friend and fellow networker, Ken Kurtz, Sunbelt Business Advisors, who recently sent along a thank you to me in the form of a gift certificate. I must say that I was not expecting to receive a gift from Ken. But I will always remember the kind gesture.

Which brings me to my next point. Do something for someone when they least expect it. I will call this the unsolicited, unexpected, gesture of kindness. Think of the contacts you have that do business with you, say kind things about you, are always there for you and are some of your best allies. They don’t expect anything in return and all of a sudden, out of the blue they get this super cool gift from you. A little something that says…”Hey! I’m thankful to have you as a great person in my life”.

My last example doesn’t really cost anything but can pay big dividends for you. I credit this example to my friend JD Gershbein, Owlish Communications, that I recently saw present at the Business Event. One of JD’s suggestions was simple but brilliant. Go into your contacts, select one who you think is deserving and write them a recommendation. Especially write a recommendation that they haven’t asked for in advance. You can already feel how powerful this is can’t you? People will talk about you. You are the giver. You are someone that they can feel comfortable recommending because you are helping others and doing things for others.

The final point I want to make here is actually one of the best recommendations/best advice I have for you. Do for others without expecting anything in return from them. The previous examples should be done in the spirit in which they are truly created. If you only give with the expectation that you want something in return then I would ask you to reconsider your motivation. The truth of the matter is that you may do something for someone and never get anything in return. You might not even get a “thank you”. But I promise you this…If you give without expectation of getting anything in return…you will receive more than you can possibly imagine.

You see…Even celebrities like Taylor Swift get excited when they get something they weren’t expecting…

What ways have you found to be effective ways to say thank you to your business connections and clients?

Erik Hultman (a.k.a. E) is the Founder and President of ÜberBlueDM, Inc., specializing in Social Media Solutions and Social Media Staffing Solutions for businesses to build their social media success.