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Dan Gershenson and Erik Hultman talk about Google + announcements,  Amazon’s new anticipatory shipping, bricks and mortar retail sales, Vine, Sushi other topics that are buzzing.

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With so many people unemployed, so many people underemployed, so many people unhappy at their current job and so much advice on how to get hired…what are you doing about it?

I used to use the word “So” a lot. The word “so” is often used in conjunction with wanting to know more, hoping to dig deeper and also in the sense of “who cares”. In this blog I am using “so” to dig deeper and learn more from you about how you or people you know are using social media to find a job. If you are the one looking for a job you know all too well that it can be tough out there to even get a rejection letter much less an interview. So your answers here, will help others out there. In turn feel free to post what you are looking for and we will do our best to share your information.

If you are just starting to use social media you may not be aware that many corporations are using it to find the very best candidates. A friend of mine, Allison Kruse, @WAGSRECRUITER is a Talent Sourcer at Walgreens. Twitter is one of the ways she is getting the word out to find potential job candidates. Walgreens and many corporations are turning to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other avenues to find talented people.

Even before social media, you had to do everything possible to set yourself apart from the competition. You are very much a brand just like the company to which you may be applying. In this economy, the use of social media tools can certainly work in your favor to get you in the door. It can often get you “in the know” about who the key contact or hiring manager might be. “Walls” are sometimes put up if a company uses a service like Monster or CareerBuilder, allowing the hiring managers and departments to remain anonymous. But knowing how to use the tools available in social media can often break down those barriers.

A few quick tips. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, without spelling or grammatical errors and make sure it is complete. If you don’t know what this tip means check out . Sign up for an account. And know that it is one of the first places a potential employer looks. LinkedIn is also a great place to look for jobs. I have many friends that have been successful at finding jobs via LinkedIn. Remember if you are using social media in any capacity, future employers could possibly be scrutinizing over your behavior. Your pictures, posts and overall demeanor on these sites could mean the difference between getting hired or fired even before you get the job. Use the security and privacy features available and if you are serious about finding a job remove any controversial pictures first…among other things.

SO…back to the original question. . .Are you using social media to find a new job? What have you found to be the best ways to search and get noticed? What companies have you found are best at using social media when it comes to finding the most qualified people? Did you recently find a job using social media? Share your successes with us here!

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